Explaining Co-Employment and PEO...

Are you doing it at the wrong time and/or the wrong way?

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How do you teach, explain, and sell it to Prospects (that you're not taking from another PEO)?

The best time to bring it up in the sales process is after the Prospect has bought into Business Impact Value they'll receive that's not contingent on co-employment.  But a lot of PEOs don't do it that way, and there are

actually some firms that just can't mentally get away from opening their sales presentation with the co-employment mechanics.

Non-compelling ways to explain co-employment that DON’T work well include:

There is an incredibly effective way to communicate co-employment though.  It both teaches and sells in less than 4 minutes;  it focuses on Business Impact Value received; and it explains the co-employment piece in a very non-threatening manner.  Click the start button on the image above to view the presentation.

Remember, in a sales call, this is best done after some previous buy-in to Business Impact Value, but if for some reason you choose to do it earlier, it actually works there too.  And on your website, if you feel it necessary to expand on co-employment, it could be a fast and compelling way to do so.

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Co-Employment - Explained with Value Focus

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