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5 powerful things this sales tool will do for you:  (worth the read!)

1.  It’ll let you ‘build’ the value picture piece-by-piece, with a talk track for the challenges in each part of the Employee LifeCycle (ELC) - ie, the “value teaching” part of your call.

Once the whole value picture is exposed, hover over any part of the top of the value pyramid, and you’ll see tool-tips that reflect some of the talk-track points

2.  Then you can Feature > Benefit sell:  click on any granular “feature” in your offering on the bottom, and show all “benefit” areas in the ELC above

3.  Or you can Benefit > Feature sell (recommended!):  click on any top part of the ELC (the “business impact benefits”), and show all the related granular “features” in your offering below  

4.  Then you can offer to create an HR Scorecard / Gap Analysis for the prospect, showing them where they stand against all the things you offer

5.  And you can show  the prospect a credible, quantified amount of Time they’re likely spending on all the things in your offering that they’re doing or have in place now