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“It doesn’t take us any time to do HR.”

Have you ever lost a sale due to a prospective client saying this and you not having an effective, credible method to show them differently?

“Soft costs.”  “Time costs”.  Call them whatever you’d

like.  Employment and Employee administration takes

place every single day in companies, whether they have

5 employees or 500.  It DOES take time, but it’s just

really really hard to prove how  much, because NO

businesses track it on a day-to-day basis!

Different employment profiles within exact same sized

20 employee firms might make them spend 10 or 30 or

19 or 6 or 24 or 13 hours per employee per year.

But they don’t know how many, and if you can’t show them, then you lose in this very valuable part of your sale/offering!  For HRO/PEO firms, this tool will finally tip the scale in your favor!     Subscribe now!

What’s Included?

Proactively prevent the “It doesn’t take us any time.” objection using the “What We Do” Sheet to visually show every single thing you offer.

Time Savings “Range Graph” for visually illustrating savings for different sized companies

13 “basic, make-sense” HR Profile Questions that drive the Time Savings Estimate analysis

Show an example “case study” of a completed HR Time Savings Analysis (to get them to want their own)

Comprehensive yet simple Employment Profile Documentation Survey / Assessment

Prospect-Specific HR Time Savings Analysis, Including the Cost of Time and the Value of Time

HR Administration Hard Cost analysis

Branded:  Your Company name, logo, colors on reports

Offering List customized to reflect your firm’s EXACT offering (current company Subscriber Offering Lists range from about 80 to 190 items)

Prospective Client’s company name on reports

Fully editable reports and worksheet (export to Excel)

Easy multiple Prospect file management

One time company setup /customization fee


Monthly subscription fee for up to 10 users (this is total per company, NOT per user; call for pricing on larger user groups)


First 30 days are 100% risk free!  You will receive a full refund if you choose not to continue past 30 days for any reason.  Link will take you to PaySimple for secure payment of the setup fee, after which you will be contacted for your further custom setup preferences.

Subscribe now!

Need a more powerful sales tool than just a quantified HR Time Estimate?

The Employee Lifecycle Value Sales Software (starting at $40/company/month) adds 12 value-focused “Sales Sheets” and scripts, along with 5 custom, prospect-specific value focused “Proposal Sheets”.

The HRO Business Value Sales Software (starting at $40/company/month) adds 7 value-focused “Sales Sheets” and scripts, along with 11 custom, prospect-specific value focused “Proposal Sheets”.


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